Run Wild My Child Application

Hi, My name is Angelique Fogarty, I am a Mum to three little girls, Evelyn, Meredith and Vivienne. I am a professional Counsellor, currently working as a Youth Worker and love to draw and paint. I also have a passion that runs deep to form part of my personality and that is my connection to Nature. Encouraging a relationship with Nature is very important to me and to my girls, I believe this can be expressed in so many ways and share this with my family through honouring the seasons, playing outside, going for bush walks, exploring, adventuring, making art and craft with nature items, natural learning and mindfulness. From this interest and the desire to share and promote Nature-based connection I started the insta. page @natureplaymothers and found I was contributing to a community. I love building community around this, especially for families because ensuring that Nature is an intentional part of my lifestyle has helped me through my parenting journey. I intend for Nature Play Mothers to grow however am being gentle with myself on this, below I have included some photographs and writings, some that are blog type articles, others that are just written captions. I own a Canon DSLR camera but not all my photos are from this and don't usually set up with the purpose to do photography shoots however for this opportunity I would definitely build on these skills and dedicate clothing and setting etc. to ensure original and stylish photos accompany the blogs submitted. Similarly with my article writing, one of the plans for growth with Nature play Mothers is extending to writing more blog posts and I have lots of ideas, some of which I have titled below too. I am so very excited to grow personally with this opportunity to become a part of RWMC, I feel called to this role and believe I have something to share with your audience.

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Welcome Autumn Equinox

An ancient time for Harvest, be that physically in your garden or symbolically in your personal journey of growth. Autumn Equinox is a time to gather what's important and acknowledge the abundance in your life. Personally I come alive as the world erupts with colour and movement, I feel more comfortable in my own skin as the heaviness of Summer heat lifts. I love going for walks and being creative with all the beutiful hues of the leaves.

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How to host a Nature Play Group (with a small budget)  


Can Nature help your children from fighting with eachother?


Sister love. My girls can bicker and whine at eachother but they can also work so well together. I find getting outside really helps the cranky levels and for me too. Mother Nature is a great co-parent.

Nature and Risky Play


Being wild and adoring every second of exploring their own capabilities, playing, helping eachother, testing out risk, leadership and teamwork. 
Who says gardens are just for looking at? 


How to Calm your Child when holidays become overwhelming

Mindful Moments as my darling spends time just 'being' and enjoying writing in her journal during an afternoon at the beach. 

Nature and Inner Wellbeing

(Written for the Women's Inner Peace Retreat booklet)

We are not separate from Nature, our connection with the Earth and natural systems are at the foundation of who we are and how we have evolved. Our relationship with nature is as integral to our wellbeing as what food we put into our body. Nature reminds our psyche how to heal, in the way that Nature instinctually heals self. In an age where people’s lives have been separated from Nature there is a need to consciously invite Nature back into our lifestyles in a bid to improve wellbeing. Studies have shown that by simply spending intentional time walking through a forest that levels of anxiety, anger, stress and depression are dramatically reduced. The benefits of practicing nature therapy extend physically too, showing increased immune function, lower blood pressure, improved nervous system health and general physical fitness. As an emerging field Nature based therapy or Ecotherapy, in its simplest form is any intentional interaction with the natural world and can include meditation in nature, animal assisted therapy, Forest Bathing, mindful walking, tree hugging, gardening etc…right up to harmonizing one’s lifestyle with the cycles of nature to experience optimal connectedness and wellbeing. Furthermore with increased interaction with Nature we are fostering a caring role for our environment and sustainability of the planet that is all providing.

When was the last time I intentionally spent time outdoors in nature? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

What can I do for my environment in my own little way? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Nature based things do I want to do in the month of November to increase my wellbeing? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (examples may include meditation, bushwalk, picnic, gardening, climb a tree, pick up rubbish, visit the beach, hug a tree, walk in the rain)


'May your adventure's bring you closer together even as they take you far away from home'

Trenton Lee Stewart


How do I forage respectfully?
🌿I never take away from a national park or protected area.
🌿I never pluck from a tree (there are times I feel this is ok, from my own garden but always 'ask')
🌿I breath deeply as part of the environment and collect with a reverance.
🌿I thank the tree and earth (blow a kiss, give water, a strand of hair or meditate outside)
🌿 Give back, I try to remember to bring a rubbish bag and if safe also collect rubbish.

How to make your own Corn Dolly


Lammas is a traditional, Nature based Celebration during the high Summer harvest. A great time to invite prosperity and success, a time of action and protection and to give gratitude for the abundance of the season. My daughter celebrates her Birthday tomorrow and I've always thought it so special as it is thought that many birthday cake traditions originate from this harvest time celebration where it is marked by baking cakes, bread, social breaking of bread, picnics etc. My girls and I talked about how thankful we are and spent time together making these gorgeous corn dollies.


Botanical Dyeing 


I have discovered that I am in love with botanical dyeing, the colours are so beautiful and there is something so wholesome and satisfying about it. Follow me as I test this out in an authentic way, sharing my outcomes and the inspiration and resources I used. 


Nature Art and Self Love

(written for Wellbeing Cottage newsletter)

I was motivated to use Nature items in fine art by the extraordinary Artist, VickiRawlins, after exploring her stunning collection I was determined to set out and do my own, the inspired thought was geared towards a self portrait. I had never done a self portrait before, mainly because of feelings that weren’t very self-loving. So I setup my space and, channelling my inner Frida I started. I used flowers I already had, crystals and some pieces from my rather large collection of nature items. While I was in the process I experienced a real sense of nurturing myself and bringing forth my inner beauty as I represented it on the page. This for me was a bit of a big deal, I took some photos and felt a mix of satisfaction and hesitation at having to pull it apart but this act concreted the lesson that transient art teaches best: that it’s about the process, and it certainly was for me. I wondered, how can I share this? That was when one of my very first group sessions was born, I called it, ‘Inner Goddess- Nature Art Self Portrait’. These sessions pull together self love practice, using nature in art and celebrating our creative, feminine energy. I listened to many different meditations on self love, from where I wrote the meditation to use in the session. In the first session I was blown away from the responses, the creativity and expression! Some who have attended the workshops talked about experiencing feelings of connecting to their inner child, pushing through self limiting beliefs, being inspired by nature’s beauty, giving gratitude, healing, realising hidden dreams and tapping into veiled creativity. As an extension to this I included a similar activity in the Kids Nature Play sessions. The most interesting thing about this was the difference in attitude toward being creative with nature, It was truly amazing to see the kids take this project on.


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