Nature Art and Self Love

I was motivated to use Nature items in fine art by the extraordinary Artist, VickiRawlins, after exploring her stunning collection I was determined to set out and do my own, the inspired thought was geared towards a self portrait. I had never done a self portrait before, mainly because of feelings that weren’t very self-loving. So I setup my space and, channelling my inner Frida I started. I used flowers I already had, crystals and some pieces from my rather large collection of nature items. While I was in the process I experienced a real sense of nurturing myself and bringing forth my inner beauty as I represented it on the page. This for me was a bit of a big deal, I took some photos and felt a mix of satisfaction and hesitation at having to pull it apart but this act concreted the lesson that transient art teaches best: that it’s about the process, and it certainly was for me. I wondered, how can I share this? That was when one of my very first group sessions was born, I called it, ‘Inner Goddess- Nature Art Self Portrait’. These sessions pull together self love practice, using nature in art and celebrating our creative, feminine energy. I listened to many different meditations on self love, from where I wrote the meditation to use in the session. In the first session I was blown away

from the responses, the creativity and expression! Some who have attended the workshops talked about experiencing feelings of connecting to their inner child, pushing through self limiting beliefs, being inspired by nature’s beauty, giving gratitude, healing, realising hidden dreams and tapping into veiled creativity. As an extension to this I included a similar activity in the Kids Nature Magic sessions. The most interesting thing about this was the difference in attitude toward being creative with nature, It was truly amazing to see the kids take this project on, an experience I’ll share next time.

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