Welcome to Nature Play Mothers Directory. This may look a bit different because while businesses are highlighted here the real hero (or should I say Heroine) of this directory is the YOU behind the business or account. ALSO you don’t have to own a business to add, this space is a good tool to connect and collaborate with like-minded people for personal endeavours too. ALSO if you have a business that is not Nature connected but personally, you resonate with our message, that’s fine too! Post a brief about you and/or your business with a link and profile pic.

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Hi! I'm Teigan and I'm the Co-Founder of Ethicool Books. Ethicool creates magical and heartwarming children's books about the world's big issues - then we inspire kids to make change. Our books are very focused on all things nature, and our titles cover everything from climate change, to preserving forests, to protecting animals and plastic pollution. They are the perfect books to teach your little ones to love the planet.

Ethicool Books

Teigan Margetts

We are a family of 6 documenting our nature play, adventures and healthier lifestyle choices on our instagram blog. Follow all of the fun stuff we get up to and share with like minded accounts to support each others growth.


Dana Jayne

I am a Registered Music Therapist who teaches Mums to confidently support their child’s brain development & navigate emotions & behaviours using music.


Monique Bathis

Hi, I'm Angelique. I have 3 daughters, we love Birdwatching, Bushwalking, Nature craft, celebrating Seasons and playing. I am a Counsellor and provide Intuitive, Holistic sessions locally from my beautiful office at the Wellbeing Cottage. We also share our adventures on and run this merging business, Nature Play Mothers on Instagram and Facebook group. I adore this community and can't wait to connect with other like minded families.



Hi I'm a mummy to 2 children, we love bushwalkingand nature journalling. I volunteer as a wildlife carer and you can see our adventures on insta, I also run my own hobby business selling croqueted teatowels.


Angel example

Hi Im Riley, I am a therapist and love connecting wit Nature, I think it is so important for our wellbeing. I have a teenage daughter who I have homeschooled since she was in yr 3. Our journey has been tough at times because she suffers from epilepsy but love our life on the coast of Spain. My insta is full of homeschooling and therapy inspo.


Riley example

Everyone calls me Aunite, I have 7 children who my Husband Bernie and I fostered. We are happily retired now and share our classic farmhouse through Air BNB. We have traveled around Australia and are still planning Adventures.


Wendy example

Hi am a mum of 2 little boys, I love being at home and doing craft, some of the naturecraft is so beautiful and I see the amazing imagination that is fostered through nature play so love exploring that at home. I also sew baby clothes from 100% cotton material and sell via etsy.


Dolly Sue example

Mum to Joe, nature lover, love playing with natural toys and resources. I also love hikingand rockclimbing

Mummy to Joe

Tiff example

Natural toys for imaginative and nature play as well as resources that support holistic education

Ark & Luna


Hello! My name is Stefanie, and I'm the face behind Hello Luna. We’re a homeschooling family of four, & we live in the beautiful Hunter Valley region. Hello Luna is our family venture, an outdoor lifestyle & book store that brings together a unique collection of nature-inspired pieces for families as a whole to experience more of the great outdoors - naturally, simply, & together.


Stefanie | Hello Luna

Count By Nature is Western Australian small business selling Australian made educational supplies such as wooden tracing boards, number and letter counters, wooden shapes, tens frames and more. Follow us on Instagram for ideas!

Count By Nature


From: Aunt Matilda is a local Australian business producing environmentally conscious monthly subscription boxes for kids. Designed to get them off screen and out where they can roam free, play wild and explore nature!


From: Aunt Matilda

Hi I live in the UK and am Mummy to Victor (3) and Jayden(15m). I have just started gardening and wanting to expand into full on permaculture. I love feeling part of the rhythm of the little ecosystem builing in our backyard. I also have a little market stall where I sell Wooden toys carved from fallen branches on our property.

Wooden toy shop

Ellen example

Hi Im a smarty pants



Hi everyone, I live in a camper van with my partner and our little girl, Ruby (2) We both worker corporate jobs and were busy and stressed, When Ruby cam into our lives we realised that this was not the life we want, we wanted to see the land we live on, I love living in this way, it's tough sometimbut wouldnt have been witness to some of the extrorinary places this beautiful Earth has gift us, we are also strive to be as sustainable as possible.

Travelling Family

Jade example

Hi I am a grandmother , creator, market stall

Annie Creations

Annie example


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